From left to right: Paul Campbell, Johnny Davey, Jennifer Gizzio, Laura Beth Davey, Tom Campbell, Jeff McLaren

Background on Laura Beth Davey

Laura Beth grew up wanting to make movies. She and her cousins put on so many plays and choreographed dances as children it forced her aunt to command “No More Plays!”. She started making movies with her 320 x 200 pixel digital camera at 16, putting up text screens in between the still photos to explain plot and dialogue. At 17, she was happy to inherit her grandfather’s VHS camera, with which she started shooting a few shorts with her brother and cousins. Then, for her 18th birthday, she received a great gift from her father that would change everything: a Canon Optura 20 digital video camera.

With this light-weight, battery powered camera, she was now able to take film-making to the next level: a feature film. She prepared, and wrote a script that would star her brother Johnny and cousin/best friend Jennifer (as well as both her grandmothers, her mom and a few other cousins).

They shot the movie over 8 days in the summer of 2005, and the result was “Fiorella”, a light-hearted story about a young girl who dreams of becoming a professional chef, like Emeril, but is hindered by the sibling rivalry she and her brother share.

With the experience and practice of shooting and editing a feature film, Laura Beth and her crew wanted to test their ability in drama and stylistic lighting.

So, teamed up with the same group that had lead them to success with Fiorella, they created the 14 minute short “Die For You”, which held personal accomplishments for everyone involved.

Not only did they create interesting lighting and used their new shotgun microphones and mixing board to create better sound; but they also created their own soundtrack with the help of friend and musician Matt Cordrey, and a new computer setup with Gigastudio – a complete orchestra at the touch of a keyboard.

Laura Beth and her crew will continue to have fun and make movies. “It’s the best job on earth. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Johnny Davey Age: 18

Johnny is a talented and committed actor, who brings a life and grit to his performances.

He grew up near Philadelphia PA. His parents home schooled him though elementary and high school. His sister, Laura Beth, and he became best friends and to this day they spend most of their time together. Whether their working on a new movie, or just having fun playing old Super Nintendo games, they do it together.

When he was five, he met his best friends Paul and Tom Campbell. At the age of nine, he started his study of Tae Kwon Do, which he pursued for seven years, attaining the rank of 'blue belt red stripe'.

Johnny's acting career started with 'The Adventures of Seamus O'Flaherty: an Irish Hitman" in 2003. Seamus has good intentions, and tries his best to stick to the plan, but when things go wrong, he has no patience and just shoots at the problems to get them to go away.

Johnny went on to star in numerous shorts including “Ginsu Warrior” were he played a crazy swordsman who doesn't want anyone on his property, “Old Fogey” where he played a villain who robbed a saloon, and “Reservoir Bill Fiction” where he played a mix of Beatrix Kiddo, Vincent Vega and Mr. White. In 2005, he co-stared with cousin Jennifer Gizzio in Paranoid Pictures, LLC's first feature film, "Fiorella".

In early 2006 he again co-stared with Jennifer in a 14 minute short "Die For You", where he played a hitman who grows to care for the girlfriend of the man he’s sent to kill.

Johnny likes film making because it’s something he's comfortable with and enjoys doing, it also allows him to share that feeling with others through the final product. "Film is such a fun industry, you almost feel like you’re cheating! You say to yourself, how can this be work? It's so much fun"! Johnny hopes to pursue Acting as a career.

Johnny is the technical force behind Paranoid Pictures, LLC. He keeps all the computers (which he himself built) running, and makes sure all the camera/sound equipment is in working order.

Aside from acting, Johnny is also co-owner and co-producer of/for Paranoid Pictures, LLC with his sister.

Jennifer Gizzio Age: 17

The leading lady, cousin Jennifer Gizzio has worked with the brother/sister team since the beginning. She was 15 when she got her first leading role as an ambitious Italian girl who won the hearts of audiences in the 2005 Paranoid Pictures, LLC release “Fiorella”.

Impressed by her amazing acting ability (especially with no prior experience in the field), Laura Beth soon cast her in the 2006 short “Die For You”, which stretched and tested Jennifer’s acting ability.

She came through with flying colors as the short stunned audiences with it’s intense acting and character driven story. She is currently a student at Delaware Country Christian School in Pennsylvania. Besides acting, her dream is to become a writer.

Tom Campbell Age: 16

Tom Campbell is Mr. Cool. He started acting at 15, staring as ‘Mr. Pale Gold’ in the 2005 Tarantino spoof “Reservoir Bill Fiction”. He enjoys acting and would like to pursue it as a career. “I enjoy it. It’s a beautiful form of self expression.” Campbell stated “I haven’t done it enough to know if I am any good at it, but I enjoy it.”

He’s really excited about doing his first feature film. He loves his character and can’t wait for filming to begin. “He’s a lot like me. He’s full of hopeless optimism, and doesn’t take any crap from nobody.” It’s good Tom is excited about the role, as it will require him to yell, kick chairs, rip down posters, rob unsuspecting software nerds and finally cover up a murder. “It’s a great story, and the crew is very professional. I’m looking forward to it”. Tom has been homeschooled his whole life, and has attended TOWLE, a once a week school-group for homeschoolers, for 6 years. In addition to acting, he would like to be a musician (drummer) or, if all else fails, an architect.

Paul Campbell Age: 18

Paul Campbell is a born actor. He loves acting, and is always up to try something new. He started acting on stage when he was young, playing the part of “Little John” in his school play of “Robin Hood”. Well over 6 feet tall, he is certainly a presence on screen. Paul admits “I’m very acty.”

His love of acting will come in handy though, as his next role is that of an actor. “He’s really flamboyant and delusional, but that’s what makes him so endearing.” Paul stated. Besides acting, Paul is an avid musician. He plays guitar, and is planning on cutting his first CD this summer. He, along with brother Tom, have been homeschooled their whole lives, and have attended TOWLE, a once a week school-group for homeschoolers, for 6 years. He hopes to own his own retail business one day.

Carrie Ann Collins

Carrie Ann Collins is a professional actress (also known as Carrie Ann Quinn) who has performed onstage in theatres in New York City, Los Angeles, and Boston. She moved to the Greenville area in 2004 when she accepted the position of Assistant Professor of Theatre in the Department of Performing Arts at Clemson University, where she teaches Acting and is Director of The Clemson Players.

She has appeared onscreen in TV and film, and for six years was a resident member of the critically acclaimed and award-winning Los Angeles-based resident acting company, Theatre Unlimited, where she starred in world-premieres of new plays and revivals of classic works.

Her favorite acting credits include: Edmond, Boy Gets Girl, The Seagull, Move Over Mrs. Markam, The Glory of Living, The Hothouse, Seven Keys to Baldpate, the LA premiere of The Ceramic Cow and the world premiere of Keys To the Kingdom – the Los Angeles Weekly’s Theatre Pick.

TV and film credits include: Warner Brothers Fame L.A., IVBC’s Left of Center, Standing By, Glow and numerous independent films.

While in LA, she received the 1997 & 1998 Los Angeles’ Theatre League’s ADAs (Artistic Director Achievement Award) for Best Actress in a Comedy as well as the 1997 ADA for Best Ensemble acting. Her directing credits include professional and university productions from Los Angeles to Boston - some favorites are: Sexual Perversity in Chicago, Fuddy Meers, Crimes of the Heart, The Learned Ladies, and ensemble-developed original pieces.

Carrie Ann also enjoys choreographing dance and musicals. She received her MFA in Theatre-Acting from Boston University’s School of Theatre Arts, and a BFA in Acting from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

Jeff McLaren

Jeff is a candidate for a bachelors degree for Production Studies in Theatre at Clemson University (sophomore). Acting and producing plays for the theater over the past several years, Jeff is now getting in front of the camera in Shot By Shot.

Jeff is a member of Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Fraternity; Calhoun Honors College; Sigma Alpha Lambda Honor Fraternity; and Thespian Troupe #5120.

He is a recipient of the Vincent Vera Scholarship. A nominee for the Irene Ryan Acting Award for his work in The Decameron Project, as well as, a nominee for the Directors Award for Little Footsteps. Jeff is also included on the Clemson University President’s List.